Release 3.8.2 - December 2017

Hi Oomnitza Customers!

This month we are rolling out an exciting new module with release 3.8.2.

We are making the full custom dashboards feature available to all current customers free of charge until July 1, 2018.  After this six-month period, some advanced dashboard features including creating and editing certain customized dashboards, will be an add-on feature which can be added to your subscription.  The basic dashboard feature will be included in the Oomnitza platform fee.


Introducing Custom Dashboards

  • Surface KPI’s and other strategic data for your organization at a glance
  • Visualize trends and make predictions
  • Drill-down and access the underlying data
  • Provision access through robust roles & permissions
  • Leverage your existing saved reports


Creating a Widget

Creating a dashboard widget in Oomnitza is easy; simply click on the "Add" link in the top right to get started. A popup will appear and require the sections "General Settings", "Data Source", and  "Measurement" to be filled out.

"General Settings" is where you may provide a chart name, and choose the desired visibility settings.

"Data Source" is where you select a module and saved report that will serve as the underlying source of data. Existing saved reports can be utilized.

"Measurement" is where you will define the aggregation behavior with additional settings based on the chart display type. You may choose between a Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Donut Chart, or Counter widget for the visualization.



Interacting with a Widget

There are many ways to interact with a dashboard widget to gain additional insight.

Toggling Between "Chart" and "Table" View

At the top of a widget, you may toggle between "Chart" and "Table" view (if enabled). The table view will provide a break down of each series and reveal the values.


Hovering Over Widget Bars/Slices

Hovering over a bar or slice will provide a summary overlay, surfacing the result total and additional information such as a date or percent distribution.


Drag-and-Drop to Reorder

Widgets can be reordered by dragging-and-dropping to the desired position. Please note that any reordering will update the view for all users.


Additionally, the on-screen widgets are designed to automatically refresh with the latest data as changes are made in Oomnitza (no need to refresh the page)!


Drilling Down Into Widget Data

The Oomnitza Dashboard makes it easy to drill-down into widget data. By simply clicking on a slice or bar, a new tab will open and display the underlying data. From this view, you may toggle between Block or List view to further filter the results, and can proceed to export. Depending on the widget complexity, certain results will be viewable directly from the WebUI.



Modifying a Widget

To modify a widget, click on the gear icon in the top right. You will be presented with the same popup used to create a widget, however the settings and configuration details will reflect the widget's current setup. You can easily change the visualization type, or modify the various display details of the widget.

Dashboard widgets are built on top of saved reports. If you modify the saved report, it will automatically be reflected in any widget that is utilizing this data source. 

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