Jamf Device Enrollment Extended Connector

Oomnitza's Jamf Device Enrollment Extended Connector allows organizations to pull device information from Jamf Devices and populate it in Oomnitza. More info in Jamf can be found here: jamf.com

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Jamf Devices Extended Connector


Details on setting up Oomnitza Extended Connectors can be found in Oomnitza's Articles on Connector Setup.

Note: In addition to the standard fields entered during setup, you'll also need your Jamf URL and Enrollment ID. For example: https://oomnitza.jamfcloud.com



Jamf's REST API uses OAuth2.0 username/password authentication. Credentials for Jamf should be added to The Oomnitza Vault. The Authorization Tab of tab of your Jamf Credential should be configured as follows:


Note: Passwords may NOT include the following characters: &, *, @ and %.

Note: In order to access devices in Jamf, credentials should be created with, at least, read only access to devices and API access.


Standard Mappings

The following fields can be mapped from Jamf Devices using Oomnitza's User Interface. For more information on creating Extended Connector Mappings, please see our article on Mapping Extended Connectors.

  • Asset Tag
  • Color
  • Description
  • Device Assigned Date
  • Enrollment Instance ID
  • ID
  • Model
  • Prestage ID
  • Profile Assign Time
  • Profile Push Time
  • Profile Status
  • Serial Number
  • Sync State Failure Count
  • Sync State ID
  • Sync State Profile UUID
  • Sync State Serial Number
  • Sync State Status
  • Sync State Timestamp

Custom Mappings

Additional fields may be available through Jamf Devices. For details on how to retrieve them, please reach out to support@oomnitza.com or see our article on Mapping Extended Connectors.

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