Spring '21 Business Agility Release Notes

Spring 2021 Release: Business Agility

Oomnitza’s Spring 2021 Release provides an array of features and enhancements that expand Oomnitza’s ability to manage a diverse array of objects in an ever changing IT landscape.

Custom Objects

Oomnitza’s Custom Objects module allows for the creation of new objects that exist alongside other objects, such as Assets, Users, Locations, and Software. These objects can be used to create robust, durable relationships in Oomnitza, and expand the variety of objects that can be managed. 

In its current iteration, Oomnitza’s Custom Objects module supports the following types of objects:

Standalone Objects: Standalone Objects are individual objects that can be stored in the Custom Objects Module. 

Lookup Objects: Lookup Objects are classes of objects that can be used for relational lookups in other Modules in Oomnitza (much like Users and Locations can be used as lookups currently.)

The introduction of Custom Objects represents a major step in turning Oomnitza into a No Code platform. Custom Objects will continue to be expanded in future versions of Oomnitza to allow for more and more flexibility in how you manage your IT portfolio.

New Screen Builder

Oomnitza’s Screen builder has been entirely overhauled to allow for easier configuration and more flexibility in how objects are displayed, including the ability to specify read/write access to specific fields on a per-field basis. We’ve also added a “hide when empty” option to fields to help reduce clutter when managing devices that may have a wide variety of fields coming from different connectors. 

Field Groupings

In addition to a brand new design for the screen builder, the addition of Field Groups allow for the creation of blocks of fields. These groupings let your organization isolate fields that are unique to different types of devices, or that share a common theme. They can also reduce clutter when viewing device fields, and can make navigating through fields in Oomnitza quicker and easier.

Complete Configuration Migration

Oomnitza’s Configuration Migration tool has been expanded to allow for the migration of Workflows, Custom Objects, giving you even more control over how you migrate information between your production and sandbox environments. 

More information on Oomnitza’s Configuration Migration Tool can be found here.

Enhanced Software Management

Since its release in August 2020, Oomnitza has continued to expand its ability to manage SaaS and Desktop softwares. Oomnitza now supports SaaS User Role integration with over 30 different systems, and continues to add more.

In Oomnitza’s Spring 2021 release, Desktop software has been expanded to include a view of different versions within a single desktop software, allowing for deeper insight into the software installed on your machines.

This release also adds two new types of integrations to allow expanded visibility into your software landscape

If you’re interested in adding software management to your Oomnitza Customer Success Manager or support@oomnitza.com 

Load Desktop Software with Extended Connectors

Oomnitza’s Jamf, Intune, and Automox Extended Connectors have been expanded to include installed desktop software information, providing a greater window into your Organization’s software utilization.

SaaS User Load Integrations

The average Enterprise organization uses over 100 different Software as a Service (SaaS) softwares, and each of those softwares can have widely different means of managing users. To support a wider variety of SaaS applications, Oomnitza now has the ability to pull users directly from SaaS softwares directly into Oomnitza.

These new integrations complement the SSO Integrations and SaaS User integrations, and allow Oomnitza to better mirror the entirety of your SaaS Landscape.

Through the combination of user detection through SSO logon activity and the added ability to load users from a given SaaS System directly, Oomnitza can now create a complete mirror of all users within a given SaaS System, including when these users logged into the system, which allows complete user management through the built-in workflows in Oomnitza.

Integration Updates

Oomnitza continues to add more Extended Connectors to it’s already robust catalog of integrations. Additions include:

  • Amazon Web Services IAM (Integration + API Presets)
  • Amazon Web Services EC2 (Integration + API Presets)
  • Service Now (Integration + API Presets)
  • Workday
  • Jamf Device Enrollment
  • Jamf API Presets to update computer attributes.
  • GSuite presets to facilitate user offboarding
  • Meraki
  • Okta
  • Workspace One UEM
  • Sophos
  • Slack (Integration + API Presets)


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