MobileIron Extended Connector

Oomnitza's MobileIron Extended Connector allows organizations to pull device information from MobileIron Devices and populate it in Oomnitza. More info in MobileIron can be found here:

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MobileIron Devices Extended Connector


Details on setting up Oomnitza Extended Connectors can be found in Oomnitza's Articles on Connector Setup.

Note: In addition to the standard fields entered during setup, you'll also need your MobileIron URL. For example: na2.mobileiron



MobileIron's REST API uses Basic username/password authentication. Credentials for MobileIron should be added to The Oomnitza Vault. The Authorization Tab of tab of your MobileIron Credential should be configured as follows:


Note: In order to access devices in MobileIron, credentials should be created with, at least, read only access to devices and API access.


Standard Mappings

The following fields can be mapped from MobileIron Devices using Oomnitza's User Interface. For more information on creating Extended Connector Mappings, please see our article on Mapping Extended Connectors.

  • Action Exception Codes
  • Client Last Check In
  • Client Version
  • Compliance State
  • Country
  • Current Carrier Network
  • Current Mobile Country Code
  • Current Mobile Network Code
  • Device Model
  • Display Name
  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • ID
  • IMEI
  • Kiosk State
  • Last Captured Location
  • Last Check In
  • Last Name
  • Last Registration Time
  • Latitude
  • Locale
  • Location Status Detail
  • Longitude
  • Manufacturer
  • Owner Id
  • Ownership Type
  • Phone Number
  • Platform Type
  • Platform Version
  • Policy Violation Count
  • Pretty Model
  • Registration State
  • Roaming
  • Serial Number
  • Subscriber Carrier Network
  • Subscriber Mobile Country Code
  • Subscriber Mobile Network Code
  • Supervised
  • Support Lock Message
  • UDID
  • UID
  • Wifi Mac Address
  • Windows Device Type

Custom Mappings

Additional fields may be available through MobileIron Devices. For details on how to retrieve them, please reach out to or see our article on Mapping Extended Connectors.

MobileIron API Presets

Oomnitza also offers the ability to retrieve additional Asset Details for Windows Devices in MobileIron using a an API Presets. This allow Oomnitza administrators to set up workflows that retrieve vital asset details in real time, based on updates to assets and other workflow triggers. 

Get Asset Details Workflow

The MobileIron Get Asset Details Workflow is an Asset workflow that runs on a schedule and captures additional information about assets from MobileIron's API to help fill out your asset details. 

To utilize this workflow, you must first retrieve Device ID from MobileIron using the Connector.  

Begin Block

For the begin block, the Workflow should be set to run on a schedule, and to run when the MobileIron Device ID should now be empty. 

API Block

  1. Add an API Block to the Workflow Sandbox.
  2. Edit the API Block, and Apply the MobileIron Cloud Windows Hardware Inventory:
  3. In the URL field, fill your Mobileiroon Subdomain before the ".com", and specify the External ID of your MobileIron Device ID field in the "mobileiron_device_id" field, enclosed in double curly brackets.

  4. Navigate to the Authorization Tab, select "Basic auth" as the Type, and select the credentials that you're using for the connector:
  5. Finally, navigate to the Response Tab, and add the fields that you wish to map from MobileIron:
    Once that's been entered, the response field should correspond to the Desired Field.
  6. Once your API Block has been configured, you can connect your splines to the end block, then validate and Save the workflows
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