How to: Restrict User Access

While Users in Oomnitza typically default to the "Employee" role, that has no access, there are times where you'll want to limit those users access even further. This can be done with the "Restrict User Access" checkbox that's available for users in Oomnitza.


Checking this box will do the following:

  • Prevent the user from logging in.
  • Prevent the user from receiving security emails when their username, email address, or password is changed. 
  • Prevent the user from receiving workflow Notifications or Subscription emails.

This button can be checked off manually or manipulated via bulk updates or using the update block workflows. This is particularly useful if you need to manage large changes to Oomnitza usernames or emails, without unduly sending notifications to users. This flag can be activated for these users during the change, then removed once completed, to allow them to receive notifications and subscriptions as expected. 

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