How to Create Dropdown Fields

New dropdown fields can be created by navigating to Oomnitza's Field Customization page within a specific module.


To add a new field, click "Add" in the upper right of the page, and you'll be presented with the following screen:


There are tabs for Information, Dropdown, and Relational Fields. Their functions are detailed below. To create a dropdown, you'll want to select Data Type: Short Text and check the Dropdown box.



Name: The name under which the field appears.

Data type: What kind of data the field allows. The options are as follows:

  • Short Text - Allows the user to enter text up to 256 characters.
  • Long Text - Allows the user to enter text up to 1024 characters.
  • Numeric - Allows for entry of integers up to 20 digits.
  • Decimal - Allows for entry of decimals.
  • Date - Allows for entry of dates, gives a date box when clicked.
  • Checkbox - Allows for a checkbox or boolean field.
  • Users List - Provides a list of users.
  • Location - Provides a list of locations.

Editable: Determines whether or not the field is editable by the user. Uneditable fields can only be modified via the API or by a connector.

Unique: Forces data entered in the field to be unique.

Mandatory: Forces the user to enter something in the field before they're able to save or create the object.

Dropdown: Only available for short text fields. Will make the dropdown field available so you can use the newly created field as a dropdown.

Default Value: Allows you to set a default value for a field upon the creation of a new object. 

Creating a Dropdown


If you've selected a short text data type, and indicated that the field is a dropdown, you'll subsequently be given access to a dropdown tab.

You can use this field to create either dynamic or enforced dropdowns.

Dynamic Dropdowns are created by checking the dropdown box on the previous page, then leaving the "Enter Options" field empty on the dropdowns page. Options will be added to the dynamic dropdown as other users set new options when creating and editing objects.

Enforced Dropdowns are created by entering specific options in the field on the dropdown page. If these were entered when customizing a field, only these options will be available and required, when filling in the dropdown.


Once you've added the desired fields to the dropdown, click Save in the lower right to save the fields. 

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