Web Screen Builder

Oomnitza allows for users to create role specific interfaces on the web for users in Oomnitza. This guide will walk readers through how to create custom screen interfaces for different role in Oomnitza. For directions on how to build customization for the mobile application click here.

Screen Builder Home Page

To access the Screen Builder follow these steps:


  1. Click on Assets
  2. Choose Customization and make sure you're on "Screen"
  3. Choose the specific role’s interface you would like to edit
  4. Choose Web or Mobile

Edits on the Web Screen Builder

The Screen Builder allows for customizable asset views for specific roles. There are two types of edits you can make to a role’s view. A user can change the display order as well as edit which fields a certain role can see.

Edit the Display Order

 Oomnitza allows users to customize display orders to improve functionality for employees in different roles. The changes made to a role’s display order in Screen builder will override the generic numbered display order.

To Change the display order for different roles simply use our drag and drop feature to the left of the data field name.

Once a user has the display order set click the Go Live button at the top of the screen to publish the changes.

Removing Data Fields from views

Screen builder allows for a user to edit which data fields are visible to certain roles. This can improve production for certain roles by removing unnecessary data fields to that roles job and it is also useful to protect high end information a company would like to block from lower level employees. The changes will take effect in both list view and individual asset view.

To remove a data field from list view simply click on the slider to the left of the data field name. If the slider is to the right and blue it is viewable, if the slider is to the left and gray it is not displayed.


Once changes have been made click Go Live at the top of the screen to publish

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