How to: Tag Oomnitza Assets to tickets in Zendesk

Oomnitza's Zendesk Application has the ability to tag assets from within the Zendesk Plugin. This can be achieved in two ways: through our links in the Zendesk widget and by tagging assets within the comments using the “@” sign. 

For setup instructions visit our How to Set Up Zendesk Integration documentation.

Tagging Tickets using links in the Zendesk Plugin 

When the Oomnitza-Zendesk plugin is set up, a ticket requestor’s assets will populate within the widget on the right of the ticket. Here is what the plugin should look like within Zendesk.

In the above image the Zendesk plugin is showing the ticket requestor, (Julia Thomas), the asset (barcode 901) and has the two options below, the Details button and the Link Button. The Details button will show all data fields of an asset within the plugin and the Link button will tag an asset to a ticket within Zendesk. 

To add an asset to the ticket within the plugin click on the link button just right of the details button.

Once you click on the link it will add the asset to the tags section of Zendesk so that you will be able to search individual assets on Zendesk in the form of a tag. Once the assets are clicked you will see the assets barcode in the tags section of Zendesk on the left-hand side.


Tagging an asset using the “@” Sign

Within the Zendesk users can simply tag assets to tickets by typing in an “@” sign followed by whichever field was set for a ticket to look up in Zendesk Integration.  For example in the bottom image shows an asset that has been added to the ticket using the “@” sign.


Now with the asset tagged to the ticket in Zendesk, when in Oomnitza you can see which tickets an asset has been tagged to and the status of that ticket.

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