How to Import Users

Entering In Users Manually


  1. Select People
  2. Select Add Individual


Enter User Information: All information fields in red are mandatory fields that must be filled in before a user can be added.


Select Save and a new user is in the system



Spreadsheet Import of Users


The first step when importing users is to format the spreadsheet correctly, with First Name, Last Name, Username, and Email Address all filled in.


Here is an example of what it should look like.


Once the data is ready time import.


Enter your Oomnitza system

  1. Select People
  2. Select Import


Choose the file you would like to import and select Submit















Map the spreadsheet to the correct fields



Select Import file. From here you will be brought to an Import Log Popup. This popup will show you exactly how many users were imported correct and how many imports failed. If for any reason your users failed to import the popup will let you know on which line in the import sheet they appear and the reasoning for the import fail.

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