Set up Okta SSO

Enabling Oomnitza in Okta


To install and configure the Add-On in Okta:

(1) Search For ‘Oomnitza’ and click ‘Add’


(2) Enter in your company subdomain. (i.e.

**Note: Use subdomain not full URL. Ex: If URL is, enter team.**


(3) Select the users that will have access to Oomnitza, followed by clicking ‘Next’.

Click “Done” to finalize changes.

**Note: The username is required to be full email**






(4) Navigate to “Sign On” and click “View Setup Instructions”


(5) Download the provided certificate file, and copy the sign on url.


Continue for Enabling Okta SSO for Oomnitza







Enabling Okta SSO for  Oomnitza


To set up Okta for SSO, you must first enable it in Oomnitza and then add it to your Okta portal.  To enable in Oomnitza, go through the following steps:



To enable in  Okta in Oomnitza, go through the following steps:



(6) Go to the gear icon in the upper right hand corner


(7) Select System Setting from the dropdown menu



(8) Find SSO under integrations and turn “On”


(9) Select Okta and Next




(10) Enter in the registered Okta domain ( and set whichever options you’d like, upload the certificate, then click “Integrate".


          a) JIT Provisioning - this allows a new user account to be created in Oomnitza when valid Google Apps users authenticate via SSO. Leave this unchecked if you are using any kind of user sync.

          b) SSO only - this prevents standard authentication to Oomnitza and forces authentication to be handled by Google.  I suggest leaving this off for now until you have tested the SSO feature and verified it works correctly.
          d) Default Role - this is the Oomnitza role that imported or JIT provisioned users will be assigned at the time their account is created.


Both the SSO URL and Certificate will be found in Okta.





(1) HTTP 404 Unauthorized -- this indicates that the authenticated user provided from Okta is not a valid user in Oomnitza.

          a) Verify “JIT Provisioning”


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