Set up Okta SSO

Enabling Oomnitza in Okta

To install and configure the Add-On in Okta:

  1. Search For ‘Oomnitza’ in the Okta Apps marketplace and click ‘Add'
  2. Enter in your company subdomain. (i.e.
    **Note: Use subdomain not full URL. Ex: If URL is, enter team.**
  3. Select the users that will have access to Oomnitza, followed by clicking ‘Next’.

     Click “Done” to finalize changes.**Note: The username is required to be full email** 

  4. Navigate to “Sign On” and click “View Setup Instructions


  5.  Download the provided certificate file, and copy the sign on url.

Complete SSO Setup on Oomnitza

After adding Oomnitza to your Okta portal and saving the generated certificate, login to Oomnitza as a Super Administrator and follow the steps below:

  •  Click on Settings, then scroll down the Integrations until you see the Okta SSO Integration (not to be confused with the Okta User integration)mceclip2.png

  • Click on CONNECT


  • Enter the Okta SSO URL copied from Step 5, click Choose File and upload the certificate



Additional Options

  • JIT Provisioning - this allows a new user account to be created in Oomnitza when valid users authenticate via SSO. If left unchecked, the Oomnitza user account must exist before a user can login, even if they have Oomnitza provisioned from the Okta portal.
  • SSO only - this prevents standard authentication to Oomnitza and forces authentication to be handled by SSO. 
  • Default Role - this is the Oomnitza role that imported or JIT provisioned users will be assigned at the time their account is created.




(1) HTTP 404 Unauthorized -- this indicates that the authenticated user provided from Okta is not a valid user in Oomnitza.

          a) Verify “JIT Provisioning”


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