How to Import Assets (Spreadsheet)

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In order to import assets into oomnitza via a spreadsheet, the asset data first needs to be formatted correctly. A template can be used to get the data in the correct format.

Important Step 1

With locations already in the system assets need to be assigned to a specific location. The location ID (not the location name) needs to be entered into the location column.


** Location column = Location ID


You can find the Location ID in Oomnitza

  1. Log into oomnitza and select assets in the top left
  2. Select locations
  3. Select List view

The location ID will be the first column. For example, if the asset is located in San Francisco a “1” will be entered into the location column in the templet.


Important Step 2

Assets can also be assigned to Users that are already in the system. To do this the username (not the person’s name) needs to be entered in the “Assigned To” column.


** Assigned To = Username (not full name)


The Username can also be found in Oomnitza.

Now you can enter in the remaining information into the template. Custom fields can be added to the end of the template to import any information you would like to track.

Once a spreadsheet is filled out in the correct format, we need to insure that the columns in the template match the asset fields in oomnitza. If the asset field does not exist in oomnitza it can be created.

  1. In assets, select customization
  2. Select fields
  3. Select Add Field
  4. Create new field to match spreadsheet

*If interested in having a dropdown option on field follow link.



Once the columns in the spreadsheet match the fields in oomnitza, the spreadsheet can now be imported into oomnitza through the import wizard.

  1. Select assets
  2. Select Import

Select the file you would like to import and hit submit

You can now manually map or select “smart mapping” to match the fields. The Items on the left are the column titles in the spreadsheet and they are matching to existing fields in oomnitza.

Important: Check Update Box next to the unique field being used (usually barcode or Serial Number)

Select “Import File” in the lower left and if there are no errors, select Apply

The Assets have now been imported

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