Add Locations



  1. We’ll start with the manual method.


Start by selecting Locations in the top left corner, below is the Locations section in Map View. In this mode you can see all of your Locations in Oomnitza on a singular map.



Switch to List view to view a locations’ data field information, this can be done in the top right corner above the map by clicking the list icon shown below in blue.


Below is what the Location section looks like in list view:

To add a location click the “+Add Location” link in the bottom right hand corner.

Enter Location information, fields that are grey will be automated by the system,  all fields highlighted in red are mandatory data fields for a location to be added. If you do not enter in a Oomnitza ID for the location, one will automatically be generated by Oomnitza.


To add your location to map view, go to GPS tab in the top left corner of the pop up to add a specific address that will tied to a longitude and latitude. Simply input the address in the search bar, click Search Location and the longitude and latitude will autopopulate.


Save and you are done!

Spreadsheet Import


  1. The Oomnitza Locations Import feature allows users to add in multiple locations to an instance at once using a spreadsheet.


The two Items that are required to import are Location ID and Location Name. Note that Location ID’s must be unique values.


When the Spreadsheet is formatted correctly,  select Import in the bottom left hand corner of the Location section (as shown by the red arrow below).


Choose the file you would like to import and hit submit

There are two ways to import the information in the spreadsheet to specific data fields in Oomnitza. The first way is our Smart Mapping system that automatically maps in data fields in the spreadsheet to the fields in Oomnitza, to Smart Map your data click on the Smart Mapping button. To manually map the fields, simply  click on the fields on the left to drag and drop them to their appropriate location on the right hand side.

Then Click on Import File as shown on the arrow above.


Importing Log

After properly mapping data fields and clicking Import File a popup like the one shown below will appear. In the popup it will tell you how many Locations were imported successfully. Below all 17 locations were imported successfully into Oomnitza.


If the was a import failure the log will show you which line on the spreadsheet failed to load and why.

If there are no errors select apply changes and you will see your imports appear in Oomnitza.


***You can add custom fields if you would like (i.e. address or location type) if it makes sense for your company. Just make sure that those fields are already in Oomnitza before importing.










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