Enable Google SSO/User Import

It is very easy to enable Google SSO and/or Google user import; We’ll explain the steps below:


  1. Log into Oomnitza and select the gear icon in the upper-right, then choose System Settings


  1.  Click “On” next to “SSO” in the Integrations screen.






  1.  Select Google Apps from the window, then Next


  1.  Enter in the registered Google Apps domain (companyname.com) and set whichever options you’d like, then click “Integrate".

         a) Enable User Import - this allows you to import a list of all Google Apps users into Oomnitza so that they can have assets assigned to them

        b) JIT Provisioning - this allows a new user account to be created in Oomnitza when valid Google Apps users authenticate via SSO.  This is unnecessary if “Enable User Import” is enabled.

        c) SSO only - this prevents standard authentication to Oomnitza and forces authentication to be handled by Google.  I suggest leaving this off for now until you have tested the SSO feature and verified it works correctly.

        d) Default Role - this is the Oomnitza role that imported or JIT provisioned users will be assigned at the time their account is created.



  1. You can log out of Oomnitza now and click the Google Apps icon at the login screen to test Google Apps SSO



  1. To import your Google Apps users, go to the People section, click the Import link in the bottom-right of the page, select “Import via Google Apps”.



  1. Authenticate with Google.


Please feel free to email me at support@oomnitza.com if you have any other technical questions.



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