How to Add Stock Photos

After Assets or Locations are imported into an system Oomnitza allows its users to edit images associated with either assets or locations. This helps users easily identify assets in block view as well as locations in map view.

Stock Photos

After assets or locations are imported take the following steps to find the Stock Photos section

  1. Click the gear in top right hand corner
  2. Choose System Settings in the drop down box
  3. Select Stock Photos at the top

Asset Images

  1. Turn Images On
  2. Select the field that you want to attach photos to (i.e. model)
  3. Select Manage Photos
  4. Select Edit
  5. To add a Photo either drag and drop a photo, choose a file, or search google for an image to import
  6. Click save and repeat as necessary.

Location Images

Location Images allow for users to upload location specific images for map view. Location Images are located on the same page as Asset Images to find the page go to System Settings -> Stock Photos or follow the directions at the beginning of this guide. 

  1. Select the data field you wish to attach photos to
  2. Click Manage Photos
  3. Once in Manage Images you will see all of you location names and images in Oomnitza, to add or edit an image click on the edit link next to the icon.
  4. Once edit is clicked a user will be brought to the Manage Images page. To add a photo either choose a file to upload or drag and drop a photo.
  5. Click Save and Repeat as necessary.
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