JIRA Workflow Block

 The JIRA integration allows you to automatically create tickets in JIRA when changes are made in oomnitza. The Jira Block is currently compatible with Jira on Cloud and will not function for systems with using Jira on Premise. This walkthrough will use an asset that need repair as an example.



  1. Drag JIRA block into the sandbox and link as displayed above
  2. Edit Begin block

  1. Change Action to Edit
  2. et rule criteria
  1. Status: has been changed
  2. Status: Needs Repair




  1. Now edit the JIRA Block and enter in the required fields

Trigger: This workflow will trigger when an asset in oomnitza status has been changed to “Needs Repair” and will create a JIRA ticket with a link to the asset.



Required Fields Explainer


Username = Username in Jira


Issue Description = This will populate the description section of a Jira Ticket


Server URL = Users’ Jira URL. Example - https://usercompany.atlassian.net/


Project Key = Corresponds to Project keys in Jira, each company will have their own project keys. Project keys can be found in Jira by clicking the Projects drop down tab on the Jira landing page. They can be found next to the project name in parentheses.


Issue Type = Which type of issue you want to show up in Jira.


Password = The password in Jira for the username given at the top.





This is just an example of what can be done with the JIRA block and there are many other options. If you have any questions please email support@oomnitza.com

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