The Slack Workflow Block

Oomnitza's Slack Workflow Block allows you to automatically create notifications in your organization's Slack system using Oomnitza's Slack Integration.

Example Workflow 

Workflow: Asset Has Been Loaned Out

Purpose: Notify either a channel or user in Slack that an asset has been loaned out.

To arrive at the workflow sandbox, 1) Click on the "Assets" tab, 2) Select the "Workflow" tab. 3) Select "Add Workflow template” to begin. 

Workflow Set Up

Begin Block:

  1. The Begin block will consist of the rules that will trigger the slack notification to be sent. For this example the workflow will trigger any time that an edit to an asset where the Status field has been changed to Loaned Out.

Slack Workflow Block

2. Drag and drop the Slack Block from the left hand side of the screen and connect the nodules from both the Begin Block and the End Block.

3. To set the notification setting from the slack workflow block click edit on the top right hand corner of the Slack Block. In the Slack Block you will be prompted to Input the name of the Slack Block and the message you wish to be sent out.

 The ‘Message text’ section will allow the users to input what information they would like to be sent in Slack. In this example we will have a message sent that shows the barcode of the asset that is being loaned out and who the asset has been assigned to by using Field Labels.

 You can insert dynamic data details in your messages by using {Field Label}’s. In the example above we have set it that the assets barcode and the user the asset has been assigned to will appear in Slack.

4. Preview and Launch the Workflow.

5. Once the workflow is triggered in the Oomnitza the channel or user selected will be sent a message instantaneously. In the example provided below both the barcode of the asset (00mn1tz4) and user (oomnitza_test) have been included in the text.

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