Threshold Block

The Threshold block allows you to be notified when a certain threshold in your system has been reached. This walkthrough will use how many Laptops in inventory as an example



  1. Drag Threshold and notification block into sandbox and link as displayed above
  2. Edit threshold block:
  1. Enter threshold value
  2. Enter comparison
  3. Enter the field the threshold is based on


This reads as: When less than 5 assets have a status of inventory.

 3) Edit Begin Block

  1. Set Action: Edit
  2. Set rule criteria
  1. Status: has been changed
  2. Asset Type: Laptop


This reads as: If the status field has been changed and the asset type equals laptop the workflow will trigger.


4) Now edit the notification message and who it will be sent to.



When the workflow triggers it will check if the threshold has been met: With the setup above the following will happen:


If there are less than 5 laptops in inventory and notification will be sent


if there are more than 5 laptops in inventory nothing will happen



This is just an example of what can be done with the threshold block and there are many other options. If you have any questions please email

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