Lenovo Warranty Workflow Block

The Lenovo Workflow block allows for warranty information to be retrieved from Lenovo's warranty API and populated into Asset fields in Oomnitza.

Oomnitza's Lenovo Warranty API pulls information from the most recent active warranty for a device based on its serial number. The same information can be looked up here: https:// .lenovo.com/us/en/warrantylookup#/ 

Triggering a Lenovo Warranty Workflow Block

The begin black for your Lenovo Warranty should typically run on the creation of New assets when the Manufacturer is equal to "Lenovo". If this is not possible, the block can also run on a schedule or when the device is updated so that the Manufacturer.

Note: When running this workflow on a schedule, please configure the begin block so that it only runs for Lenovo devices, and if possible only runs for devices without warranties. This prevents us from sending too many unwanted calls to Lenovo's API, and helps improve workflow efficnency.

Setting up a Lenovo Warranty Workflow Block

When setting up a Lenovo Warranty workflow block, first select name of your serial number field in the "Serial # Field". Once this has been entered, specify the fields you wish to map from Lenovo to Oomnitza. Descriptions of the available fields are described below.


Warranty Description - A basic description of the warranty being retrieved. Note: This field should be mapped to a long text type field, as the length of the description can sometimes be over the maximum number of characters allowed in a short text field.

Serial Number - The serial number of the device.

IMEI - The IMEI of the device

Warranty Country - The country that the warranty is currently available in.

Warranty Start Date - When the warranty with Lenovo begins

Warranty End Date - When the warranty with Lenovo ends

Product Name - The name of the model associated with the warranty

If you have any questions or need help setting up this workflow, please reach out to your Oomnitza Customer Success Manager or contact support@oomnitza.com.

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