Lenovo Workflow Block

How To: Lenovo Workflow Block

 This workflow block allows you to pull in information to Lenovo model assets based off of their serial numbers. It can pull in a variety of information that can save your team time while adding new assets into your system.


To Begin: Setup the workflow to look like the workflow below:



Step 2: Edit the Begin Block



The Lenovo workflow block is triggered off of serial inputs that Lenovo uses to distinguish different values about its products. So for the begin block the action should be all new assets and the rule criteria should show that “Serial Number Is Not Null.”


Step 3: Set up the Lenovo Workflow block


Below is what the workflow looks like with every available data point that can be pulled in with the Lenovo Block


Once you have chosen the fields you would like mapped in to your Oomnitza system click save.


Step 4: Preview the workflow and Launch, the workflow will now be live in your system. Now once you enter in the serial number for a new or existing asset the fields mapped in through the Lenovo workflow block will auto populate based off information provided in the serial number.


Lenovo Fields Explainer


Description - Basic Lenovo warranty information

Serial Number/ IMEI - Serial Number

Lenovo Status- Current warranty status

Warranty Country - The country that the warranty is currently available in

Warranty Type - The Lenovo warranty Type

Warranty Start Date - When the warranty with Lenovo begins

Warranty End Date - When the warranty with Lenovo ends

Product Name - Model Type




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