Update Child Records

Update Child Records


The Update Child Records block can be used to make changes to child assets once a parent asset is changed, this can be used to automatically update any data field in a user’s system. This can save administrators time in updating asset information as well as keep up to date records in a system.



To begin the workflow, first set up the entry point on which the workflow is to be triggered, some of the most common uses for this workflow block are location or assigned to “has been changed.” For best use we recommend using edit as the action to trigger the workflow. Below is an example of a workflow that when setup, changes made to a parent assets’ assigned to field has been changed the chosen data fields will be updated for a child asset.




Once the entry point has been set up, configure the Update Child Records workflow block to update the data fields you would like to be updated.

In the configuration above the data fields Location, Assigned To and Department of the child asset will be updated with the information from the Parent asset. So when an assets’ parent asset is assigned to a new user the information for location, assigned to and department are auto populated according to the values in the parent asset.


Once you have configured the workflow block and tested the logic, click save to activate the workflow.

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