How to Edit Block View Display

Block View Display can be edited for displays in normal block view for assets and for child assets. Block View display can be edited from person to person to customize how they view asset information quickly in a system. Changes to block view are user specific and are different from user to user.


How to change Block view in Assets

  1. When in Asset View Click on the Block View Button
  2. Click Wrench Button next to the right hand search to edit Block View Display


Once you have clicked the wrench button you will be brought to the change block view screen which will allow you to change the data fields displayed in block view.

How to Change Block View for Child Assets


There are two different types of block views you can change in a Oomnitza system, Parent View, which is used in traditional block list view, and Child View. Child View configuration is set to change who child assets look in a parent asset, below is what it looks like when editing a child asset block view.

Once you have your desired block view configuration press save, and you will be able to see your child block view configuration will show up in the system when looking at the child asset section of a parent asset as seen below.


This feature can help users quickly identify key data points for child assets in a system, the Child View display is also varied upon each specific users view settings. 

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