Announcement: Sunsetting API v1 - April 2018


Oomnitza will be sunsetting the original API v1 in the upcoming major release, targeted for April 2018. This change is anticipated to have little to no impact for existing clients. This API was introduced in 2013, and since then we've introduced a REST API v3 which contains a significant number of improvements in terms of performance, capabilities, security, stability, and ease of use.


Am I Using API v1?

Oomnitza has not detected any active usage of this API. Unless you created a custom script or custom integration during 2013-2015, this change should have zero impact on your usage of Oomnitza.


Why Is This Change Occurring?

In 2015 Oomnitza introduced a more flexible, stable, and powerful API v3 that implements REST best practices. With the legacy API v1, particular operations are complex and less uniform compared with our latest API. For example, to work with the API v1, you must specify the long, internal identifiers for each field, such as 24DCF85294E411E38A52066B556BA4EE. With the latest API, a human-readable identifier is utilized for each field instead, such as serial_number. To accomplish the same tasks, API v1 requires several more requests than with API v3.


What Action Steps Are Required?

The Oomnitza WebUI, Connector, and out-of-the-box integrations will continue to operate without any action needed. However, if a custom API integration was written based on API v1, it will need to be modified to use the latest API v3 by April 2018. If you require additional time to make a transition, please contact Oomnitza Support (


Transitioning to API v3

Getting started with the Oomnitza API v3 is a breeze! For assistance or to ask any questions, please contact the API Support Team ( REST API v3 Usage examples can be found here.


The Oomnitza Team

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