Release 4.0.0 - April 2018

Hi Oomnitza Customers!

This month we are excited to announce the next major release of Oomnitza, version 4.0. We've added a number of useful features and have performed significant enhancements under the hood to ensure the best experience possible.


What’s New?

  • Added the ability to Search Asset History by field, data range, or author
  • Saved Report Email Subscriptions allow you to automatically receive reports that are relevant to your organization
  • Connector Run Logs enabling you to view activity from your data sources
  • Chef connector enabling you to synchronize devices to Oomnitza



  • Significant enhancements to workflow processing
  • Popup will now display links to any workflow that will trigger from your update
  • Connector and import validation has been unified and streamlined
  • Notable increase in platform stability & performance
  • Secure credential storage
  • Field creation speed improvement


Search Asset History

Identify changes to your assets with our new parametric search for asset history. Look at changes within a particular time frame, from a particular set of users, or by a field such as "Status". With the new history search, it is much easier to navigate through the historic changes and find what you're looking for.



Subscribe to Saved Reports

Receive email reports of mission critical data by utilizing our new saved report subscription feature. Create a saved report containing the desired filters, and click the "Mail" icon to subscribe. You may choose between "Daily", "Days per week", or "Days per month" allowing flexibility to receive reports when you need them.



View Connector Run History

We have introduced a new run logs feature for the Connector, allowing you to see the synchronization history. Click on an entry to see a dialog containing the run info and logs, allowing you to understand which data sources are synchronizing and when.



Synchronize Devices from Chef

Oomnitza has built an integration with Chef to take advantage of the valuable asset information tracked in Chef. As a rich repository of information about machine hardware and utilization, Chef’s data is extremely valuable inside Oomnitza’s asset management console.


The Oomnitza Team


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