Release 4.1.0 - June 2018

Hi Oomnitza Customers!

This month we are excited to announce the next major release of Oomnitza, version 4.1. We've added a number of powerful and useful features to the platform.


What’s New?

  • Introducing advanced field mapping rules for your integrations
  • Ability to search and report on records with dynamic dates (e.g. "Last Quarter")
  • GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance for data protection
  • Ability to scan multiple barcodes via mobile applications



  • Added two-factor authentication with certificates to the API v3
  • Added predicate support for searching user and location fields
  • Improved user searching on iOS mobile application
  • UI enhancements for data source mapping


Field-Level Mapping Rules

Oomnitza synchronizes data from external systems by mapping fields. With the new field mapping rules feature, you can configure these field mappings to sync data only if certain criteria is met. For example, you may want a field in Oomnitza such as "Assigned To" to be populated only if there is no existing value in the field. You may want certain fields to sync only if a certain status or asset type is specified. These scenarios and more can be configured by clicking the "gear" icon next to a mapped field.



Dynamic Date Searching

Searching dynamic date ranges enables powerful reporting capabilities. Rather than searching for records within a fixed start and end date, you now have the ability to select one of many dynamic ranges, such as "Yesterday", "Last Week", and "Next Quarter". This is powerful when coupled with Saved Reports, Subscriptions, and Custom Dashboards which will remain up-to-date dynamically. 



Multiple Barcode Scanning on Mobile

Enhanced barcode scanning has been added to the Oomnitza mobile applications. Before when scanning a barcode that was in close proximity to other barcodes, the application did not have a good process for allowing users to select which value to use. With the new release, users can scan and select numerous barcodes with ease.



Certificates / 2FA for API Authentication

We've introduced an enhanced security option for authentication with our API. There is a new section in System Settings called Certificates, where you may upload the certificates you intend to use on the client side for authentication. Oomnitza will validate that a valid API token was provided, as well as a valid certificate.


The Oomnitza Team


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