Release 4.2.0 - October 2018

Hi Oomnitza Customers!

We are excited to announce the next major release of Oomnitza, version 4.2. We've extended existing functionality and introduced a number of powerful features to the platform.


What’s New?

  • Integrations portal for managing your data sources
  • Brand-new Oomnitza for Jira Plugin with ability to modify asset records
  • Ability to sync devices to Jira Service Desk for improved ticket associations



  • Introduced dependency validation checks when deleting a custom field
  • Enhanced MobileIron integration with added support for API v2
  • Added support to connector for CyberArk secure credential backend


Manage Your Integrations

Oomnitza has introduced a brand new page to view, manage, and interact with your integrations. By clicking on “System Settings”, you will be navigated to the initial sub-section, “Integrations”. Organized by category, you will now see a holistic view of the various integrations Oomnitza has to offer, including Device Integrations, Service Desk Integrations, SSO IntegrationsUser Integrations, and Messaging Integrations.


The status indicator will reflect one of three colors:

- Green: The connector is configured, and is showing successful sync activity.
- Gray: The connector is not yet configured
- Red: The connector is configured, however we’ve identified one or more issues (including invalid credentials, etc.)

You will see activity whether or not you are running the Oomnitza Connector behind your firewall.


New Oomnitza for Jira Plug-in

Oomnitza has released a brand new integration, compatible with Jira Core and Jira Service Desk. We worked alongside the Atlassian team to align on various guidelines to ensure the best user experience possible. Without leaving a support ticket, an agent may view all of the rich contextual information about the device, as well as modify configured fields such as “Status” and “Assigned To”. With the new Assets Platform addition to Jira Service Desk, we can synchronize devices from Oomnitza to Jira to make finding and linking assets efficient and effective. (Learn more)



Dependency Validation When Deleting a Field

Oomnitza offers powerful customizations, including the ability to create and delete custom fields. Once a field has been created, it may be utilized across the product including within a filter or saved report, within a workflow, or within a role. To ensure your workflows and configurations remain active, the dependencies must be resolved before Oomnitza will permit a field to be deleted.


To check the dependencies, navigate to "Customization", select the desired field, and then click on the "Dependencies" tab. Proceed to click on "Load Relations" to start the validator, which will display the results below. If there are zero conflicts, the "Delete" button will be available.


The Oomnitza Team

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