How To: Subscribe to Saved Reports

Oomnitza allows you to receive email reports of mission critical data by utilizing our saved report subscription feature.


Create Saved Reports

First, you will need to set up your saved reports, which are predetermined searches that can be useful for pulling reports and for finding specific information quickly.

To begin creating a saved report, use the filters in the blue panel on the left to filter the search results. Clicking on a field will enable you to choose the desired values to filter, including date ranges, statuses, or any custom field. Once you have chosen the filter(s) you would like to apply for the saved report, simply click the save icon in top left-hand corner of the panel and a pop-up will be shown where you can name your saved report for future use, as well as set the new saved report to private (only you can see it) or public (anyone with saved report permissions can see it).  

To access the saved report, click on the arrow next to the save icon in the left-hand search pane. Your saved reports will appear with two categories, “My searches” and “Shared.”


Subscribe to Saved Reports 

Once your saved report is created, click on the envelope icon next to the saved search you would like to subscribe to. You may choose between "Daily", "Days per week", or "Days per month" allowing flexibility to receive reports when you need them. You can even choose what time (in UTC) you would like the reports to be sent to you. You can also elect to “Send empty report” if there are no assets that meet the criteria of the filters at that time.  

Click Next to choose your recipients. You can choose recipients based on user roles, specific users, or by entering in an email address.

Then, review the subscription parameters and hit Subscribe!



Modifying Subscriptions 

Once you've created a saved report subscription, you may modify it and change the schedule, the recipients, and more. You may edit the subscription by hovering over the gear in the top-right corner, and clicking on "Subscriptions". 



You will be presented with the Subscriptions popup, which details each subscription in the system. If you created the subscription, you will have the option to delete the subscription. If you are a recipient of the subscription, you may unsubscribe which will not impact others receiving the report.


There are four actions which can be performed on a subscription depending on your permissions.


The first is the "Edit" icon, which will open a popup where the schedule and recipients may be modified.

The second is the "Unsubscribe" icon, which will allow users to unsubscribe from a report.

The third is the "Send" icon, which will run the report and send it to the configured recipients. This is useful when you'd like to review or initiate the report on demand, rather than wait for the next scheduled time.

The fourth is the "Delete" icon, which will only be available if you created the subscription. Deleting a saved report subscription will stop this report from being sent to the configured individuals.

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