REST API v3 Usage Examples


The Oomnitza API v3 is a RESTful interface that enables interaction with resources in Oomnitza. This interface follows REST best practices, to help ensure that creating and updating objects in Oomnitza is as intuitive as possible.

REST API v3 Usage Examples


The purpose of this document is to provide a number of common use cases involving the API. We are constantly enhancing the platform, and the list of available resources extends beyond the scope of this document. For any questions regarding the API, please contact

The API supports both HTTP basic and token-based authentication, as well as session-based authentication. All data in transit is securely encrypted via SSL/TLS. The request and response Content-Type values are “application/json”.

Additional documentation for the API v3 can be accessed within the Oomnitza WebUI. By navigating to System Settings -> API -> API Docs, you will be presented with an interactive interface, with additional endpoints detailed.

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