Freshservice Integration: Workflow block


Freshservice integration lets you automatically create new tickets via a special Freshservice workflow block.

Freshservice block configuration

NOTE: To have this block working you should make sure that the integration with Freshservice is active.

In the Freshservice workflow block you should configure the next parameters:





The name of the block which will be displayed on the workflow overview
Type No The type of the Freshservice ticket that should be created.
Requester Yes

Name of the Freshservice user from the 'Requesters' list

TIP: The list can be found by the path: Admin --> User management section --> Requesters

Subject Yes Subject of the new ticket
Status No Status of the new ticket
Source Yes The channel through which the ticket was created
Priority No Priority of the new ticket 
Description Yes Description of the new ticket
Agent No User to assign the ticket to
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