Jira Cloud Integration: Workflow block


Oomnitza's Jira Cloud integration lets you automatically create new tickets in Jira using the Jira workflow block.


Jira Cloud block configuration

By configuring the Jira Clould workflow block, you can create tickets in your integrated Jira Cloud instance. To utilize this workflow block, create a new workflow, drag the block into the workflow sandbox, and set up the fields specified below.

NOTE: For this block to work, you must have already integrated Oomnitza with Jira Cloud.

Parameter Mandatory Description
Name No Name of the block, is not shown on the workflow view
Username No Jira Cloud user who will be set as a requester of the ticket
Issue description No Text to be set as a description of the ticket in Jira
Server URL No URL to the required Jira Cloud instance
Issue summary No Text to be set as a summary (title) of the ticket in Jira
Project key No

Is the identifier of a project in Jira

TIP: Can be found on the 'Projects' page (https://<your subdomain>.atlassian.net/projects)

Issue type No Type of a Jira ticket
Password No Password of a Jira Cloud user whose username is provided in the 'Username' field


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