About Oomnitza

What is Oomnitza?

At its core, Oomnitza functions as a cloud-based asset tracking software.

Oomnitza provides a connected, automated, and visualized solution to track and optimize all the things that power your business.

We like to think of ourselves not just as asset management, but as Thing Management. 

What kind of things?


Whether it's laptops, tablets, smartphones, software licenses, smart glasses and other wearables, drones, artwork, game consoles, furniture, vehicles, smart-city infrastructure, machinery, technical equipment, etc... Oomnitza provides the flexibility to track it. 

If you're curious about specific implementations of Oomnitza, check out a few of our Case Studies.

How do I get started?

New to Oomnitza? Check out our Getting Started article to get an overview of our basic functionalities.

Already using Oomnitza? Check out the rest of our help center for beginning, intermediate, and advanced articles on Oomnitza's myriad features.

Interested in trying Oomnitza? Click Here to get started.

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