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About the Help Center

At Oomnitza, we strive to provide thorough, easily readable, and entertaining documentation, in order to make learning the product fun and easy. We don't always succeed at this, but we certainly try.

As you make your way through the Help Center, you'll find a few common themes in our articles.

Standard Formats

With the exception of this and a few other articles, we try to always include the following sections in our help articles:

  1. Overview: This section provides a quick overview of what the article will include. If you're looking for a specific piece of information, we don't want to waste your time forcing you to slog through things that aren't relevant to find the one thing that is.
  2. Instructions/Walkthrough/Main Content: After the overview we dive into the main content of the article. This will typically be interspersed with pictures and/or video to make understanding the content easy.
  3. Hurdles/Challenges/Caveats/Limitations: After the main content, we'll try to address the main caveat or difficulties that people run into. Hopefully, you'll often find this field to be empty, but if there are limitations, we want to make sure you're aware.
  4. FAQs: Finally, we want to make sure to answer any common questions preemptively.
  5. Further Reading: Finally, if the rest of the article's gotten you so excited you just need more, we'll link to some further materials for you to click through.

Pictures and Videos

We try to include both, when appropriate.


Q: What if I come across an article that doesn't follow the format above.
A: Don't panic. We try to keep everything looking familiar, but sometimes that doesn't fit the content we're trying to present. We try to remain flexible and present information in a format that best suits the content. 

Q: Why do you have an article on how to use your help center?
A: So you can read it. 

Q: Okay I've read it, what now?
A: Take a look at our Getting Started article, or search for a topic via the search field in the upper right.


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