The Oomnitza Mobile App

The Mobile App

Oomnitza has a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows you to manage assets remotely. It also lets you use your smartphone's camera as a barcode scanner, allowing you to add or quickly reference the details and history of your things just by scanning their barcode.


  1. Getting the App
  2. Configuring the Mobile App
  3. Accessing the Mobile App
  4. Using the Mobile App
  5. Conclusion

Getting the App

From the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for "Assets by Oomnitza," which will return the Oomnitza mobile app. Proceed to download it.


Configuring the Mobile App

Before we go into the mobile app itself, we'll need to set up mobile access from the web app. To navigate to Mobile App Customization, select Assets, then Customization, then, on the far right, make sure you're on the "Screen" page.

We'll go into all of Oomnitza's Asset customization in a future article, but for now, you'll want to select the role you're configuring the mobile app for, then specify that we're making these changes for mobile. 

We'll be asked if we want to allow those users to scan barcodes and/or upload media. Once these are set, click "Next" in the lower right.


You'll be taken to a screen with an image of a cellphone displaying the fields available in the mobile app. This screen will allow you to drag the modules (New, Edit, Copy, and Search) to and from the app. 


Clicking on an individual module will allow you to modify the fields accessible within. They can either be dragged to and from the app or populated with all options with "Autofill." We also offer the options to copy another screen or reset the options you've chosen

When configuring the app, it's important to make sure you've configured all screens. The fields available are configurable per individual screen, so make sure to use "Screen Navigation" in the upper right to navigate between sub-screens.


Once you've configured the mobile app to your liking, select "Go Live!" to release them to the mobile app.

Accessing the Mobile App

Now that we've configured the app, let's login and take a look. To launch the app, tap the icon that you should now have installed on your phone.

Once you've opened it, you'll be asked for your system name. This should be the <company> part of the <company> URL that you use to log in. 

After selecting your system, you'll be prompted to log in, just like you would normally, either through your username and password or through SSO.


Congratulation! You've logged into the mobile app. 

Using the Mobile App

Now that you have the app configured and you're able to log in, let's go through how it functions.

The greatest utility of the mobile app is its ability to scan barcodes. It lets you quickly access all details of an asset on the fly.

To scan a barcode, select either Search, Add, or Edit, and tap "Scan Barcode" on the top. Oomnitza will ask to access your camera. Provide access, and you'll be able to scan with the camera. Oomnitza will search the camera frame for barcode matches, and highlight them in green.

When you have a match, you can click "1 Scanned" at the bottom to see the number captured, and can click done to use the barcode identified.

Sometimes, you'll capture more than one barcode, if so Oomnitza will recognize both and, when searching, use both as search terms. When adding, it will let you add two unique items at once, differentiating them by their barcode.


The larger the barcode, the easier it is to scan, but uneven lighting or poor focus can cause problems. If you're running into issues, try adjusting the lighting and flatness of the barcode. If you continue to have issues, try adjusting the angle of your camera, such that you're viewing the barcode from a high-angle (i.e. slightly tilted above). These will all help you obtain a successful scan.


By now, we hope you're starting to feel confident at using the tools available within Oomnitza. If you're ready to continue, let's learn about Imports and Exports —>

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