How to Bulk Edit Assets


While Assets are often managed through external integrations, there are times where being able to edit them in bulk is valuable when maintaining organized, hygienic data. Bulk editing allows you to rapidly changed shared values, key dates, and other common values for similar assets.


1. To begin, navigate to the Assets module and select the "List" view. 

2. On the leftmost column of the list view, click the check marks of any assets you wish to edit or click the box at the top column header to select all assets in the current view. You can apply searches to this view so you can quickly filter for a subset of assets.


3. Once you've selected the assets you wish to edit, select "Bulk Edit" from the list of options in the upper right. 

4. Upon clicking Bulk Edit, you'll be brought to a familiar bulk-editing screen, where you can make changes to all assets simultaneously. 


5. Finally, when you've made all of your desired changes, click "Update (X)" in the lower right-hand corner of the Bulk Edit Assets Window.


You can set a limit for the number of bulk edits that can be made at the same time. See the other settings section in Global settings.

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