How to: Oomnitza for Intune

Oomnitza's integration with Microsoft Intune allows you to pull assets from your Intune system directly into Oomnitza, further allowing you to aggregate all your most important things into your single Oomnitza system.

How to Install

Rather than use the Oomnitza connector to integrate with Intune, you can set up the Intune integration directly from your Oomnitza account. Just follow the instructions below.

1. To begin, select "Settings" from the top navigation bar of Oomnitza. Here, you'll see the complete list of our integrations. Under Device Integrations, select the Microsoft Intune block.



2. You'll be taken to the Intune Info page. Once you're ready to proceed with setting up the integration, select "Next" on the bottom right, or click "(2) Authorization" along the top.



 3. From the Authorization page, select Sign in with Microsoft. 



4. And from the Microsoft login page, log in as an Intune Administrator. Once you've signed in, click "Next" in the lower right, or "(3) Settings" to continue to the Integration settings.



5. From the Settings page, you can set the Sync Session frequency. This determines the interval at which Oomnitza will poll Intune for new assets and updates to existing assets. Once you've set that interval, click "Next" to continue to the last step, or navigate to "(4) Mappings."



6. Finally, from the mapping page, you can specify how you want data from Intune to populate to Oomnitza. If you're familiar with mapping spreadsheet uploads or setting up mappings for other integrations, this screen should look familar.

If not, all you need to do to set up mappings is drag Intune MDM fields on the left to their equivalent fields in Oomnitza on the right. If the names of fields already match, you can click "Smart Map All" to automatically map those fields. 

When you're ready to go live, click Finish in the lower right.



Monitoring the Intune Integration

You may have noticed the fifth tab related to the Intune integration: Sync Sessions. 

Sync Sessions let you monitor each instance where Oomnitza pulls data from Intune, and check to see how many records were pulled, which are new and which were existing, and which, if any failed (along with a log of the errors.)



Clicking on any of the lines lets you see a detailed view of the individual sync, and lets you view and download error logs.


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