Parent and Child Assets


In Oomnitza, Assets can exist on their own, but they can also have hierarchical linkages to other assets as parents and children. These linkages can be used to associate Assets that are effectively owned by other assets, such as a hard drive within a computer, or a monitor paired with a specific machine.

Adding Child and Parent Assets

Child Assets cannot be created directly. Instead, the parent-child relationship is created from two existing assets. To start, create the two assets you wish to associate. You can find instructions on creating assets in How to Manually Add Assets.

1. Once you're ready to begin, select the asset you want to be the Parent, and navigate to Child Assets tab on the right. On the Child Assets Screen, click "+ Add Assets."

2. You'll be presented with an option to search for a child asset. Enter a name or search term to look up the device to associate.

3. Select the Asset you wish to associate by clicking the checkbox in the upper right. You can select a single asset, or any number of assets 


4. Once you've selected one or more assets, click "+Add Assets" to associate them with your current, Parent Asset.


Now, when you view the Parent asset, you'll be able to view any associated Child Assets. You can still add new Child Assets, and transfer existing Child Assets to a new Parent Asset.


From the Child Assets, you can now view the associated parent asset. Much like human beings, Child Assets can also be Parent Assets does that make the older generation Grandparent Assets?). This allows you to create an asset hierarchy, depending on how your things are related.


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