SaaS Management - Setup and Configuration

This article explains in detail how to configure Oomnitza's SaaS module and how to manage SaaS applications in Oomnitza. Oomnitza's SaaS management module allows you to synchronize SaaS software with your Oomnitza instance by using login and integration from your Single Sign-On solution.

In addition to aggregating a list of SaaS applications, the synced applications can then be associated with Contracts, and further associated with Users. These relationships allow you to maximize the insight into your SaaS utilization, including cost, seat availability, and user activity.

Setting-Up SaaS Management

Before utilizing the SaaS module, you'll need to establish a SaaS integration between Oomnitza and your Single Sign-On (SSO) providers. At present, we support integrations with Google Suite, Okta, and OneLogin.

To set this up:

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' --> 'Integrations' page in Oomnitza
  2. Find there a section called 'SaaS Management Integrations'
  3. Choose the SSO provider you'd like to configure the integration with.

    TIP: Because Oomnitza relies on data from your SSO provider to aggregate SaaS data, it's important that your organization use SSO to log into these applications.


  4. Integration step 1: This page provides an overview of the module's functionality. No additional actions are required. When you're ready to set up the integration, proceed to step 2.
  5. Integration step 2: From here, enter the appropriate credentials for your SSO provider's system.
    G Suite Okta onelogin
    mceclip1.png mceclip3.png mceclip2.png
  6. Integration step 3: From here, you'll be prompted to: 
    1. Note your system's Look Back Synchronization. This is the period of time that your SSO stores information about SaaS applications usage activity;
    2. Note your SSO's Sync schedule which is the frequency that Oomnitza polls updates from your SSO.
    3. Specify an Oomnitza Default user role. This is used when the SSO tries to reference a user that doesn't currently exist in Oomnitza. In this scenario, a new user will be created with the specified role;

      NOTE: User role selection is available for G Suite integration only, other integrations use predefined option.

    4. Choose the Username format for new users added to Oomnitza as described in the previous item.
  7. Once you've confirmed these settings, click Save to activate the integration with SSO provider.

Next Steps

Now that the integration is set up, you can begin utilizing Oomnitza's SaaS module. To best take advantage of it, however, it's recommended to begin setting up your contracts. This will let you begin associating SaaS assets with their costs and give you deeper insights into your software.

To learn how to set up contracts, check out our article on Creating and Managing Contracts.

To learn more about our SaaS module and Oomnitza's Software Asset Management capabilities, the Overview Article is the best place to start.


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