Workflow and Automation FAQs

The purpose of this article is to answer the most common questions that arise about Oomnitza's Workflow and Automation tools. For more information on workflows, the best place to start is Understanding Workflows part of Oomnitza's Getting Started Guide.

Question: What can Oomnitza automate?

Answer: Using Oomnitza's robust workflow tool, the system can automatically update data fields, generate reports, and notify stakeholders when human oversight or intervention is required.

Question: What warranty information can Oomnitza automatically populate? 

Answer: Oomnitza is capable of fetching warranty information from Dell and Lenovo.

Question: What about warranty information from HP? 

Answer: HP formerly had a Beta API for retrieving warranty information on devices, however they have since shut down this API indefinitely. Oomnitza is working to offer an alternative as soon as one becomes available.

Question: What about Apple Warranty?

Answer: No. At this time, Apple doesn't offer an API that allows for retrieval of warranty information. However, if you have warranty information stored in Jamf, it can be retrieved using The Oomnitza Connector.

Question: Can the creation of a service desk ticket trigger an Oomnitza workflow?

Answer: No, however, some service desks may offer advanced features that allow for similar functionality.

Question: Can Oomnitza automatically assign assets to new users?

Answer: No. 

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