Release 4.5.1 - October 2019

Release 4.5.1

We are excited to announce the next major release of Oomnitza, version 4.5.1! Which includes major enhancements to Desktop Software, as well as a brand new user interface to make using Oomnitza even better.

Desktop Software Enhancements

We've introduced intelligent desktop software grouping to streamline the visibility of your installed software, powered by the Oomnitza Software Catalog. Instead of seeing the itemized versions, you will now see the top-level software titles which are automatically categorized, along with the added ability to attach contracts and understand which entries are costing you the most.

Contract and License Enhancements

To facilitate the improvements to Desktop Software, Licences are now represented as contracts that are linked to Desktop Softwares. You may notice an increase in contracts as your existing licenses are migrated.

User Interface Improvements

Oomnitza is also unveiling a new user interface for all modules to make objects in the system easier to read and document.

ServiceNow Integration

The Oomnitza integration with ServiceNow provides several capabilities that empower service desk agents and reduce incident resolution time.

• View ServiceNow tickets within Oomnitza and access Oomnitza assets within ServiceNow
• Display all the devices that belong to the ticket requester
• Use Oomnitza to pull up an asset record and view the history of ServiceNow tickets and make better decisions
• Automate the creation of ServiceNow Incidents via the Oomnitza Workflow Engine

What's New?

• Ability to attach Contracts to software records to understand spend across the organization and by department
• New "Offboarding" workflow block to reclaim assets and software licenses
• New Integration with ServiceNow Service Desk
• New Integration with Google Chromebook
• New Integration with Google MDM


• New block view for software
• New popup view for software, contracts, and users
• Support for Jamf Mobile drag-and-drop field mappings
• Support for Jira Data Center
• Minor bug fixes and enhancements

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