Stocking Your Inventory

Stocking Your Inventory

Once you have your Accessories Catalog establish and your stockrooms set up, you can begin populating stockrooms with their respective stocks of accessories.

Stockroom Accessories

To begin, you'll need to navigate to the accessories tab within your stockroom. You can do so by clicking on a stockroom you created and selecting "Accessories" on the top. This page is where you ultimately manage your existing stock of assets, but when looking at a brand new stockroom, it should be empty.


To stock accessories, click the arrow icon (mceclip1.png) in the right-hand side, and select Receive. Transfer - Receive can also be used if the accessories you're stocking are coming from an already existing stockroom. We'll go more in-depth into this later.


Once you've primed yourself to receive accessories, you'll be prompted to select a source. For first time users, this will be your catalog. With catalog selected, type the first two letters of the SKU that you wish to add. This will pull up matching accessories in your catalog. Use the arrows to adjust the appropriate quantity of the Accessory, and click add to add it to the stockroom.


Go through each accessory, until you've added all stocks of your accessories to the stockroom. Once this is done, you're ready to begin managing your asset stock.mceclip5.png


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