Getting Started with Oomnitza's Accessories Module

In order to expand the universe of things you can manage through Oomnitza, we've added a dedicated module for managing Accessories, and a new concept of Stockrooms to represent the physical location of those accessories.

At many organizations, managing Accessories poses a unique challenge compared to managing Assets. Where laptops, desktops, cellphones, and other devices have a large degree of regularity unique serial numbers and can be easily affixed with an asset tag as needed, Accessories are far less regular. They can come in bulk, they may be as small as a cord or a mouse, they're far more reusable and interchangeable, and they are far more of them to manage than there are assets.

Oomnitza's Accessories module allows your organization to manage any number of non-serialized accessories across your organization by inventorying them into Stockrooms.

This series of articles goes through the entire set up process, which involves creating a catalog of all the accessories that your organization uses, creating the stockrooms that exist within your organization, stocking those stockrooms, and using these to manage your accessories. The Articles are as follows:

If this is your first time using the Accessories module, or you're performing the initial setup, we recommend following these articles in order to help guide your setup.


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