Creating Your Stockrooms

What are Stockrooms?

Once you've established your catalog of accessories, the next step is to establish stockrooms. 

Stockrooms represent the physical locations where your accessories are stored. Stockrooms serve as a sub-module within Locations, and serve as the heart of the Accessories module. Stockrooms are where your inventory managers can view and adjust inventory, audit inventory, and manage accessory loans and returns. 



  1. Stockroom Locations
    1. Accessing Stock Rooms
  2. Adding Stockrooms
    1. Minimums
    2. Maximums
    3. Thresholds (Replenish Quantity)

Stockroom Locations

Stockrooms can be accessed by navigation to Locations, and selecting Stockrooms. If this is your first time using the accessories module, you'll most likely have no existing stockrooms.


Adding Stockrooms

To create a stockroom, click the "Add" button in the upper right. This will bring up a prompt to add the details of your new stockroom.


From here, you'll be prompted to document the following fields.


Stockroom Name

The name of your stockroom. It's important to be as clear as possible when naming your stockrooms, in order to ensure that accessories are always checked out from the correct location.


A stockroom must be associated with a Location created in Oomnitza's Location module. You can have multiple stockrooms assigned to the same location. 

Point of Contact (POC)

Each stockroom must have a designated point of contact who acts as the "Owner" of the stockroom. This person is used as the point-of-contact in certain notifications regarding the stockroom, such as when a transfer is incoming or when the minimum or maximum limit for a certain accessory has been passed.


The minimum threshold for the stock of an accessory. If the stocked quantity of a certain accessory falls below this value, the Stockroom's POC will receive a notification. 


The maximum number of an accessory required in a stock room. If the quantity surpasses this amount, the POC will receive a notification.

Replenish by Quantity

The Replenish by Quantity represents the amount of an accessory that should be ordered when an accessory falls below its minimum. This value is sent to the POC in the minimum alert notification.


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