Performing a Stockroom Audit

While the previous article took you through all of the elements of a stockroom audit, this one will take you through the audit process step-by-step, including selecting creating the audit object, assigning auditors, selecting accessories to be audited, performing the audit itself, and reviewing and approving the audit.

The audit process is essentially split into three parts:

  1. Creating the Audit
  2. Running the Audit
  3. Reviewing the Audit

This article will go through them step by step in order to demonstrate the Audit process.

Creating the Audit

To begin, navigate to the Locations Module in Oomnitza, and select Audits.


This will take you to the audits page. From here, select "Add" in the upper-righthand corner.


This will prompt you to create your audit. Fill in the relevant pieces of information, including name, stockroom, and approver. The approver will be the person who gives the final approval of the new counts identified in the audit. When these are entered, click "Save" in the lower right.


Once you've saved the audit, it will move into the "Draft" status, and give you access to the Auditors tab and the Accessories tab. For now, navigate to the Auditors tab.

From the Auditors tab, click the (mceclip2.png) icon in the upper right, and select the individuals who will be performing the Audit. You can select up to 10 users who will be granted access to this audit through the mobile app. Once you've searched for them, click "Add Users" and navigate to the "Accessories" tab.


From the accessories page, click the "+" button in the upper right and select the accessories that you wish to audit. When your auditors access this audit through the mobile app, they'll be prompted to audit each of these accessories.

mceclip3.pngNow that you've added the accessories you desire, you're ready to click "Complete Audit Creation." Once you've done so, your audit will move to the "New" state, and is ready to be initiated through the mobile app.

Running the Audit

Now that the audit is ready, the Auditors can log into the mobile app, they'll see a list of stockrooms with available audits. Select the stockroom to see a list of audits.


Select the audit.


After selecting the audit, you'll be taken to an initialization page. Click "Start" to begin the audit. Note that once you've started the audit, transactions in the stockroom will not be allowed until the audit is complete.


After starting the audit, you'll be given a view of all the items being audited and the status of the audit. You can either tap the item or select "Scan" to select an item by scanning its SKU.


Adjust the quantities of new and used items by using the [ + ] and [ - ] buttons. When you have the desired number select "Confirm."

If you prefer, you can instead tap "Scan to add." This will allow you to scan the SKUs of individual items and let the app tally them.


Once you've confirmed a quantity, the count will be indicated in green. Repeat this process for all Accessories included in the audit. 


Once all accessories have been counted, select "Complete" in the upper right to complete the audit. You're now ready to return to the Oomnitza Web App to review the audit.

Reviewing the Audit

Now that you've completed the physical audit, return to Oomnitza, and navigate back to the Audit module. When you return to the app, you should notice that the audit has moved to "Waiting for Approval."

Click back to the Accessories tab to see the results of the audit. 


You can click on the [>] Icons on the far right of each Accessory to see a detailed view of the audit results, or just review the pertinent information in the table presented.

  1. Expected Quantity New - The expected quantity of new Accessories, pre-audit.
  2. Expected Quantity User - The expected quantity of used Accessories, pre-audit.
  3. Fact Quantity New - The actual quantity of new accessories, post-audit.
  4. Fact Quantity Used - The actual quantity of used accessories, post-audit.

As the approver, it's up to you to decide whether or not to Approve or Decline each result from the detailed view, or click the checkbox and approve or decline multiple Accessories at once, using the buttons in the lower right.


Once all items have been reviewed and either approved or declined, the audit will be complete. Congratulations!





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