How To: Set up Salesforce Ticketing Integration

Oomnitza is proud to offer an integration with Salesforce's ticketing system. Setting up this integration requires an installation on the Salesforce end, as well as an installation on the Oomnitza end to allow for the systems to communicate. 

Installing the Oomnitza Plugin in Salesforce

  1. Login to your Salesforce instance.

  2. Open the Oomnitza-Salesforce plug-in package link (Note: The package ID may change from release to release)

  3. Provide password (oomnitza12345) and select "Install for All Users" as the installation type.

  4. When prompted, check “I acknowledge that I’m installing a Non-Salesforce Application that is not authorized for distribution as part of Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner Program.” checkbox, then click ‘Install’ and confirm granting access:

  5. Click "Done" after package is installed.

  6. Return to the Home page, and open the details for any Case.

  7. From the Case details page, click the Setup icon, then select "Edit Page:"

  8. Custom packages may only be installed on an instance with the configured domain. So if you're using a newly created instance, you may have to configure this setting. If your domain is already set up, you can skip to step 9.

    1. Click on ‘Deploy my domain’ link in ‘Custom’ Components

    2. In opened tab provide domain name, check its availability and click Register:

    3. Wait for the domain to register, then continue.

  9. Drag and drop the Plugin onto the page editor. Click on the plugin, and when prompted, provide URL of your Oomnitza instance (e.g. (:warning: Note: Your full Oomnitza URL is required.)

  10. Click Save, and your plugin will be installed.

    1. :warning: Please notice that if you use Salesforce Essentials Edition - setup from Oomnitza will be blocked, as this edition does not provide API access

Setting up the integration in Oomnitza

  1. Navigate to Settings, and locate the "Service Desk Integrations" Section, then select the Salesforce block.
  2. You'll be taken to the Info page. From here, you can review details the integration, and when you're ready to proceed, click Continue in the lower right.
  3. From the Connect page, you'll be prompted to log in through Salesforce to authorize the integration to share information between the systems. Click "Sign in with Salesforce" in the page's center, and follow the prompts to complete the authorization.
  4. Now that you've done this, your integration is set up. Click "Next" in the lower right to move on to the Salesforce - Oomnitza mappings.
  5. From the Mappings page, drag any fields you'd like to match from Salesforce to Oomnitza. When you're done, click "Next."
  6. Finally, from the Fields page, select the fields from Oomnitza that you'd like to display in Salesforce. When you've added all desired fields, click "Complete" to complete the setup.
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