Automating and Initiating Offboarding in Oomnitza

(These automations usually require a user connector. Don’t have one? Get started here)

If you’ve been reading this series of articles in order, you’ve probably noticed how much we’ve encouraged integrating a user connector to bring in employee status information. While Asset information is vital for ITAM (who’d’ve guessed?) having up-to-date and reliable user information is just as valuable. Offboarding is no different. 

Offboarding employees is an inevitability for every organization, and automating the process is one of the most asked-for processes in Oomnitza. Oomnitza offers an Asset Offboarding specific workflow block that makes the process easy.

The Oomnitza Offboarding Workflow

Pictured below, this workflow block is part of the People module Workflow builder, and serves two purposes: notifying IT of offboarding employees and updating the status and assignment of those users’ assets.


Notifying IT of Offboarding Employees

The first section of this block resembles the notification block and allows for a custom notification to be sent to the responsible IT team member. A report on assets assigned to that user can also be included, with a customizable set of fields. This can be used to notify an IT Manager of the actions that need to be taken such as reclaiming the device.

Automating Asset Updates when an Employee Offboards

The Offboard Assets workflow lock can also Update the Status and Assigned To field of all Assets assigned to the offboarding users. For example, the status can be updated to reflect that the asset needs to be reclaimed, and if desired, the assets can be assigned to an IT admin so they are aware that it’s their duty to reclaim them.

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