How To: Automatically populate date fields using workflows

 In order to maximize your ability to create powerful and timely automations, it's extremely valuable to be able to capture the dates of key events as they occur. Oomnitza enables its users to create custom date fields to reflect any value desired and to automatically capture these datestamps using workflows. This article will show you how to create those custom fields, and create the workflow-based automations that populate them with dates.

Creating Custom Date Fields

Before creating a workflow to automatically populate a date field, you'll have to create a custom date field to store that value.

To do so, navigate to "Assets," then select Customization to navigate to the customization page.


From here, make sure you're on the fields page via the fields button in the upper right (mceclip3.png) and click "Add."


You'll be prompted to name the field and select a Data Type. That name can be anything you want but should be something clearly identifiable. The Data Type should be set to Date.

The other options can typically be left to their defaults, however, if you want the new field to be fill-able exclusively through the automation, you can turn Editable off (mceclip4.png).

Once you've done this, click "Save" in the lower right, and your field will be created.

Creating the Workflow

Once you've created the custom field, navigate to the Assets -> Workflow module, and select "Add".


Give the workflow a name, and proceed to the Sandbox.

From here, the Workflow should only require an "Update" in addition to the Begin and End blocks. Drag the Update workflow block into the Sandbox, and connect the block splines. It should look something like this:



The Begin block should be set to trigger when the asset is edited, and when the Assigned To field has been changed. If setting a date field off of another value, you can use the appropriate criteria instead.



The Update block should be set to Update the Assigned To Date to Today. To do this, you'll need to select the "Use EXP" option for the update field, which lets you update a date field relative to today's date. It also allows you to set the field to populate to X days Before or After today's date.



Once you've created these blocks you should be able to Validate and Launch the block, and that field will begin populating.

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