Configure Oomnitza to Meet Your Organization's Shifting Needs

Oomnitza offers an exceptionally high degree of customization. Within a given object type (Asset, User, Software, Contract, Accessory), users can add virtually any field to describe objects of that type. Once created, those fields can be included in reports, searches, and automation, allowing for the flexibility required when managing assets across a geographically diverse workforce. 

While it's hard to forecast all the needs that the ongoing pandemic may bring, Oomnitza's flexibility will allow you to handle them without adding stress to your organization or processes. By tactically adding specific custom fields, you can set your organization up for high efficiency even in the face of rapid and unknown changes. 

If you're interested in learning how Oomnitza can be customized,  check out our article on Customizing Oomnitza. If you're already familiar, we have a few suggestions below. 

A few configurations we recommend include:

Take-Home Field

Create a Take-Home custom field to keep track of assets that are not typically tracked remotely. For example, Desktops and Monitors aren't often taken home, however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, these devices are far more likely to be taken home for employees. When shelter-in-place ends, however, these devices will need to return to the office.

Recovery Priority Priority Field

Coupled with the Take Home field described above, a Recovery Priority field can be created to ensure the most valuable devices are prioritized for return to the office when shelter-in-place ends. For example, retrieving expensive desktops computers or video equipment would take precedence over retrieving spare keyboards or chargers.

Take-Home Retrieval Date

To coincide with the Take-Home field and the Recovery Priority, having a Take-Home Return Date field will allow you to set a date for the retrieval of these devices, and create timely notifications to ensure these devices are recovered.

Retrieval Email Notification

With a Take-Home field in place, you've set your organization up for successfully retrieving assets when shelter-in-place ends. Using this field (and Recovery Priority if desired) you can create a workflow that automatically notifies users which Take-Home assets they have in their possession, and when they need to be recovered.  

To configure this notification, we'll begin using the three fields defined:


In your notification email block, configure the email you'd like to send to your employees, including the details on the devices that need to be recovered.


By using metadata fields to define different variables, each employee will get a notification specific to the devices that they've taken home, with personalized dialogue to ensure that the notification is personal and precise.

For any questions, or if you need assistance implementing strategies to manage your growing remote workforce, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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