How to: Configure Multiple Sync Keys

As of Oomnitza version 4.6.3 (April 2020), connectors now allow for the configuration of multiple sync keys, which help reduce connectors and keep your assets as up-to-date as possible.

For example, Assets can be configured to Sync using Serial Number, and if no matching Serial Number is found, they can instead sync using Barcode, or another unique identifier. Similarly, users can be configured to sync using User ID as a primary identifier, and email address if User ID doesn't sync.

Configuring Multiple Sync Keys

*NOTE: The Oomnitza Connector Version 2.0.0 or above is required to support multiple Sync Keys.

In Oomnitza, navigate to Settings, and select the Integration that you wish to configure. From the integration screen, you'll now see Checkboxes beside all fields that are available as sync keys. For a field to be available as a Sync Key, it needs to be marked as Unique.


After the Sync Keys have been selected. Click Finish in the lower right. You'll then be prompted to set an order for how those fields Sync, as seen below:


Once ordered as desired, click Save, and your new Sync Key configuration will be set.

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