These two Oomnitza features ensure an excellent new hire experience!

In last week’s article we talked about the role of device data in onboarding, and how integrations and automations can facilitate high-quality data. This week, we’ll look at the physical devices, and how to ensure that they’re easily available for the end-users.

Avoid Inventory Shortages Using Thresholds

When working out of a central office, new hires will often have plenty of things to do that don’t necessarily require a device. This gives IT team leeway in when new hires are presented with their work computer. If a device isn’t ready for the hire they can be given a loaner or taken through other onboarding activities. With a remote workforce, however, all onboarding needs to be done digitally, and a new hire without a computer is left helpless. 

Oomnitza can prevent these snafus with its ability to track devices in inventory and provide notifications when quantities run low. Oomnitza’s Threshold block allows for workflows to run based on existing quantities (as specified by a filter). These workflows can be used to alert the IT team of shortages in assets, prompting them to order more.

The threshold workflow is a powerful tool for tracking available devices. The workflows will vary by organization and have an array of different options and configurations to allow organizations a deep understanding of their inventory. You can learn more about configuring thresholds in our full article How To: Track Asset Inventory Using Thresholds.


Enable Direct Shipping to Employees

At Oomnitza, we've been helping our customers adapt their receiving and distributing processes to a distributed workforce. In doing so, we've seen various midterm solutions such as skeleton crews or delivering directly to IT managers at home. As the landscape changes, we believe that direct shipping to employees is the best practice.

Oomnitza enables direct shipping as well as other methods of procurement through our partnerships with vendors. These partnerships provide an excellent tool for creating device data quickly and easily at the point of purchase. Examples of this include:

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