CDW Item Classes

Below is a list of all potential Item Classe available through the CDW integration. These should be mapped to a "CDW Item Class" field when using the integration, which can subsequently (using workflows) be used to categorize the assets into the desired Asset Types in Oomnitza.


CDW Item Classes:

Class Description
Security Locks
Headphones & Speakers
Phone Accessories
Tablet Accessories
Cases and Backpacks
Mice and Trackballs
Office Products & Supplies
Small & Consumer Electronics
Power Supplies/Adapters
UPS/Battery Backup
Surge Suppressors
Remote Power Management
Rackmounting Equipment
Apple Desktops
PC Compatible Desktop Computer
Windows Based Terminals
Thin Clients
PC Compatible Workstations
Storage Enclosures/Mounting HW
CD/DVD/Blue Ray Drives
Disk Duplicators
Hard Drives
Desktop NW Attached Storage
Floppy Disk Drives
Consumer SSD
Drive Arrays
Enterprise Hard Drives
Enterprise SSD
Interfaces Controllers
Optical Drives
Storage Networking
Rackmount NW Attached Storage
Tape Backup Drives
Tape Automation (Lib/Changers)
Wireless Communication Devices
POS Systems
Connected Devices
Peripheral & Barcode Scanners
Thermal Printers
Server Accessories
Linux/Unix Based Servers
KVM Consoles & Switches
Network Print Servers
Application Servers
RISC Servers
x86 Based Servers
HCA/Hlth Purch Grp (HPG) CDW
OnSite Services
Central Services - Repairs
Managed Services
Mobility Services
Field Services
Remote Services
Software Asset Mgmt Services
Notebook Accessories
Mobile Workstation
Notebook Computers
Apple Notebooks
Network Bridges
Modular Switches
Communications Boards
Network Management Hardware
Network Switches Managed
Network Test Equip/Analyzer
Network Optics
Network Hubs
NIC Network Interface Adapters
Network Routers
Network Switches Unmanaged
Network Security
Wireless LAN Networking
Physical Security
Charging Carts
Medical Carts
3-D Prototype Printers
Copy Machines
Document Scanners
Dot Matrix Printers
FAX Machines
Single Function
Printer Accessories
Printer Supplies
Cloud Partner Services
OnSite Services-3rd Party
HCA/Hlth Purch Grp (HPG) 3rd
Installations 3rd Party
Managed Print Services
IT Pro Training-3rd Party
System Management-3rd Party
Warranties-Product Protection
Aggregation Services Software
Security Software
Application Suites
Desktop Applications
Backup Software
Cloning Software
CAD/CAM Software
Cisco One Software
Database Software
Digital Signage Software
Design and Graphics
Audio/Video Production
Flow/Org Chart Software
Cloud Collaboration Software
Mobile Device Enablement SW
Integrated Product Suites
Infrastructure as a Service
Voice Recognition
Legal Software
Mainframe Software
Unified Communication
Network Management Software
Network Connectivity/Emulation
Data Capture Software
Operating Systems
Programming Software
CRM Software
Portal Software
Reference Software
Business Analytics
Document Management Software
Entertainment/Education Soft
Financial Software
Communication/Internet Soft
Storage/SAN Management Softwar
Utility Software
Software Documentation & Media
Telephony Software
Technical Support
Virtualization Software
Web Software
Physical Security Software
Voice Hardware - Phones
Video Hardware
Voice Hardware - Headsets
Voice Hardware Infrastructure
Apple Mac Memory Upgrades
Computer Cases
Flash Memory
Notebook Memory Upgrades
Memory Accessories
Network Device Memory
Desktop Memory Upgrades
Printer Memory Upgrades
Server Memory Upgrades
Automation & Control Systems
Medical Displays
Drones and Virtual Reality
Interactive Whiteboards
Consumer Television
Mounts & Stands
Professional Audio
Media Player
Projectors & Document Cameras
Commercial Television
Digital Signage Display
Graphics Cards
Screen Protection/Filters
Computer Displays
Interactive Flat Panel Display
Miscellaneous Cables
Audio/Video Cables
Network Cables
SCSI/IDE/floppy cables
Telephone/Modem Cables
Network Cable Accessories
Parallel and Serial Cables
USB/FireWire Connectivity
Bundle Part Numbers
Clearance Merchandise
CDW Internal Use Only
Service Parts
New / Unknown / Unassigned
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