Assets in Stockrooms

To facilitate the entire range of Objects and Devices that may be stored in a Stockroom, Oomnitza version 5.0 introduces the ability to store Assets in stockrooms, alongside Accessories. 

Adding Assets to Stockrooms

To add Assets to a Stockroom, we've added a "Stock" button to the Assets Module. This allows for the bulk addition of Assets to any of your existing stockrooms.


This is perfect for populating already stocked or deployed Assets into a stockroom en masse, especially upon initial setup.


Stockroom Assets

A new Assets tab within each individual stockroom allows for Assets to be Assigned, Returned, Loaned, Deprecated, and more all from within the stockroom.

To do so, from the right-hand action pane, select the desired action, look up an appropriate user, if applicable, and select the appropriate action. For example, unassigned assets can be assigned to a user by clicking the arrow on the right of the asset, then Loaned/Assigned from the righthand pane.


Assets can be returned by selecting Return, then looking up a user and returning the desired Asset. 


Other functions work similarly to the Accessories transactions, however they're acted on individual assets, rather than stocks of Accessories.




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